Medical Recruitment



INTERMARIN has specialized in Medical Recruiting starting with 2009. Over the years we’ve been recruiting:

  • Doctors for Hospitals and Private Clinics in Germany
  • Doctors  for Hospitals in Ireland
  • Doctors for Hospitals in Denmark
  • Nurses for UK Hospitals and Care Homes
  • Since 2011 we’ve been recruiting Pharmacists for Sweden with a special relocation program that we are very proud of. We have over 40 Romanian Pharmacists and some from Spain, Greece and Latvia who relocated and started a new life in the beautiful Sweden with this program

Why choose INTERMARIN ?

Because we offer our Partners the professional approach required in this special field and we make sure our Candidates get all required information’s to ease this process and to make it successful.

  • All services entirely FREE of charge to candidates;
  • You deal with an experienced medical recruiter to answer your queries;
  • We have the knowledge and capability to help you with your medical registration;
  • We offer assistance with travel, bank accounts, obtaining a tax file number,
  • accommodation, relocation;
  • and because….INTERMARIN is known for its professionalism and friendly attitude 🙂
Medical Recruitment