Airline Recruitment



The Airline Recruitment started in 2009 with individual requests for Airline Mechanics and Pilots in different partnership projects for Germany.
It was interesting for our Consultants to work on these projects.

In 2010 we had the pleasure of working for the recruitment campaigns of Cabin Crew for a leading Airline Company.

It was a challenging project but a successful one due to the right coordination between our Partners and our Management Team, between our Operational Team and the Candidates.

Our candidates have good education, very good English skills, professional appearance and the right attitude towards job.

Our recruitment services are strategically conceived to source best candidates, to offer professional recruitment sessions organizing in order to help clients reduce time loss and to make sure the recruitment campaigns will be cost efficient.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Tailored Advertising;
  • Extensive Database Search & Selection;
  • Candidates Interviewing;
  • Language interviewing / testing;
  • Proposal of suitable candidates based on Company criteria;
  • Interview session organizing (location, planning, scheduling);
  • After interview arrangements;
  • Relocation procedures;
  • Joining arrangements;

Airline Recruitment